Monday, February 25, 2013

Snapdragon General Tsao

A few weeks ago I tried one of these Snapdragon thai mixes.  I was surprised about the low number of points associated with them, and Andy really liked the giant bowl of food that a stir fry gave him.  I've said it before and I will say it again - he's a terrible diet partner.  He's constantly moaning about being hungry and I find him in the kitchen staring at the bread and having impure thoughts.  Since he firmly believes that more is better, I've come to shrink our serving bowls and other manipulations to make him feel like he is getting more.  The snapdragon mixes really help.  So I went back to the store and bought the whole range.

This one was not good.

It started off well enough - the part that we control - the chicken and veg looked and tasted stunning.  The rice noodles never really got soft even after leaving them in the water twice as long as it said on the pack.  The horrid part though was the sauce.  It tasted more like fish sauce meets catsup than General Tsao's.  We tried to add salt and hot sauce with very little improvement.  I ended up eating about a quarter of the pack and giving up.

Thrifty 'more-ish' Andy managed to finish it, but did not advocate we buy another pack of this one.

For any of you wondering if we ever have a bad meal at our house - yes, sadly we do.  Here's the proof.

10 weight watchers points - 3 for chicken, 6 for half a box of the mix, 1 for canola oil

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