Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chicken soft tacos

One of my favorite lunch dishes, this is extremely filling and not so horrible on the points.  If you are on restricted points you could have only 1 of the 2 tortillas that we eat, but otherwise this is a filling plate of food with tons of energy-goodness ingredients.

For the chicken:  i take a single organic-if-you-can-afford it chicken breast and with a very sharp knife cut it in two width wise so you have 2 large but thin pieces of chicken.  I squeeze a lime on them and then sprinkle dried chipotle and salt over them.  I quickly grill them on a hot grill pan.  No oil needed.  You'll get gorgeous caramelized lines on the chicken just from the scant natural sugar in the lime.  Note, i take them off the grill pan when they are still a bit pink inside because I finish this dish off in the oven and want the chicken to still be juicy.

I cut the chicken in strips and place on the tortillas.  This week I am using Fresh & Easy's cilantro jalapeño flour tortillas.  Fresh & Easy is the US execution from Tesco.  I love love love it.  Which is odd because I never shopped at Tesco in the UK.  But they have great meat and produce and packaging that reminds me of how they do it in the UK - and that is one thing the UK has over the US.  In the UK you can buy sensible sizes of things and not be wed to 5 pound bags of green beans.  If you have a store near you, check it out.  I hear they are still losing money and I really wish them well.  Note these tortillas are 40gram and 100 calories each - so you have to account for that versus the 30 gram in weight watchers.  I count them as 1 and a 1/3 each for simplifying the math - which works out to 3 points each.

I then mix up a fresh salsa salad-y thing for inside.  Today I used 1/2 cup of frozen white corn, about a cup of cherry tomatoes halved, a finely chopped fresh apple, a whole lime, half a fresh jalapeño and maybe 1/4 cup of that serrano salsa fresa from trader joes.  The corn has points associated with it (2 points for the 1/2 C).  I put a couple big spoons of this on the chicken on the tortilla.  Then I top this off with just a pinch of reduced fat shredded cheese - in this case a mix of colby and cheddar.

I roll the tortillas up and place them in a glass baking dish and slide them into a hot oven.  One of the things I think is really important on a diet, and especially at lunch, is to try to eat hot food.  I know most people work out of the home and can't, but I feel like emotionally a hot meal seems more comforting and homey.  When the tortillas are crispy, or when Andy starts pacing in the kitchen, and I take them out and serve them with any of the remaining salsa-salad mixture.

11 Points total - 6 for two tortillas, 3 for the chicken, 1 each for the corn and the cheese.

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