Wednesday, July 07, 2010

World Cup Semi: Germany v Spain

The Davidson-Wayne household is split again across cultural lines. I’m more of Spanish rioja, and Andy is more of a Beck’s lager. I like the passionate, chaotic Spanish team, and Andy likes the orderly, tidy Germans. So dinner tonight had to be a fusion of the two – and thus Chorizo Spaetzle was born.

Growing up in Middlefield there was a local german butcher Noacks in the next town over and my first experience with Spaetzle was out of a box: a nice doughy pasta creating total comfort food. It would be nearly 25 years later before I had my first spaetzle, the ‘french fries’ to most authentic german meals – boiled pasta and that is then pan fried for a little crunch. So yummmmmmmmmmmmy.

Andy made ours from scratch tonight, using our last duck egg (will definitely be buying more of those at the farm shop) and pushing the batter through our pasta sieve (I hope he cleaned it better this time) into boiling water. He then pan fried it with olive oil and garlic, added some sautéed chorizo, cream and mozzarella and made a pasta bake of it in the oven.

To cut through the massive carb load I made a waldorf inspired salad. The dressing was cider vinegar and honey mustard with a dash of cream over maiche with apple, goat cheese and pine nuts playing the role of walnuts. No celery is welcome in my house.

I drank mine with my favourite white rioja – which, sadly was corked, just when I thought that this never happens – i’m hopeful that the rest of the case in the wine cellar is fine – we’ve had about 6 bottles so far and they have all been spectacular toffee wonderfulness.

Andy is still working on his giant Beck’s. He’s also still hopeful someone will score in this game – I gave up after the last spaetzle was gone from my plate.

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