Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Meat, starch, and 2 veg

I realise looking upon my past dinner posts that I tend to follow the traditional (and boring) meat and two veg approach to dinner, and often have a starch given our mutual love of carbs in the wayne-davidson house. I never heard the phrase “meat and 2 veg” until i moved to the UK, and quickly understood it to actually be meat (usually red), potatoes and 1 veg . Tell Andy that potatoes don’t really count as a veg and stand back to receive the screaming rant of a mad brit.

But tonight as i could find no better title for our somewhat boring dinner of grilled veal, carrots, left over strawberry risotto and fresh shelled pea soup, I thought it appropriate to do a little background research on ‘meat and 2 veg’. I beg you, dear reader, not to google this – apparently it means something else a la Joe Camel and Monty Python’s infamous Penis Song.

So, umm, dinner then.

Grilled veal escalopes – marinated in lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and black pepper – thrown on a hot grill for just the briefest of time.

Fresh shucked garden pea soup Рgarden peas brought to a boil, add a head of lettuce to wilt, throw it in a blender with some salt Рtop with cr̬me fraiche and fresh mint. Neither of us really cared for this one Рa little too grainy i think. Maybe a bit too healthy.

Carrots in their usual maple syrup and chipotle.

And the leftover risotto from last night with the leftover strawberry salsa from the salmon – you might not think that salsa and risotto could work, but i guess you have rice and salsa in a burrito, and that most definitely works.

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