Monday, March 04, 2013

Turkey and corn salsa tortillas

One of the lessons weight watchers likes to pound into your head is the idea of power foods.  The latest variation of how the 'points' work is that all fruit and vegetables are free to eat.  Some starchy veg still has costs associated, but your basic fruit and veg is free to eat as much as you please.  The premise is of course that no one sits down and overeats on apples.  Potato chips and chocolate, yes, apples and celery, no.  It's not rocket science here - you don't overeat apples and celery because the fiber and water and nutrients do indeed make you feel full.  WW tries to get you to eat more fruit and veg at every meal so you need / want / use less of the other stuff - namely carbs and fats and even too much protein.

This meal epitomizes that premise.  If I told you I made turkey enchiladas for lunch, without a picture, you'd make a picture in you mind of cheesy, greasy, rice and beans and turkey in thick lard based tortillas - probably with a side of freshly fried-in-oil tortilla chips and hot queso dip.  I'm not saying that isn't as close to foodie heaven as it gets, I'm just saying there exists a far lighter version that doesn't put you in a food coma on your way to buy bigger trousers.

For this meal I bought a lovely turkey breast at Sprouts.  I often forget to buy Turkey.  I don't know why it isn't part of the usual rotation of proteins at home.  Is this some sort of chicken conspiracy?  I marinated the turkey with a squeeze of lime and powdered chipotle and grilled it on my grill pan and then set it aside.  Because I am going to be baking the tortilla wraps, I usually take it off the grill when it is still a bit pink so it doesn't dry out completely.  I don't know if half cooking something and then setting it aside is technically bad for you or not, but that's what I do.

I made a 'salsa' of corn (frozen corn quickly heated in the microwave), apple, tomatoes, jalapeño, cilantro, sweet onion, another squeeze of lime, and a couple spoonfuls of Trader Joes Serrano salsa for some more kick.  An entire bowl of this costs a mere 2 points for the half cup of corn - and since I made this for 2 people that's just 1 point each.

I then rolled up a large serving (maybe 1/4 C) of my salsa with a few strips of the grilled turkey breast into jalapeño tortillas.  I sprayed a glass baking tray with Pam and placed the rolled tortillas in the tray.  I put these in the oven on 400 until the tortillas were turning brown and crackling.  You don't have to heat them up - everything is cooked - but it makes it more delightful giving you a little crunch from the tortillas.  Whatever is left in that huge bowl of salsa serve on the side.

Be careful when you buy tortillas.  A really authentic tortilla, while yummy as hell, contains a huge amount of fat and carb.  Even ones that say 'carb balance' can be high.  There is huge variation out there, so read all the labels and choose what's best for you.  We recently found carb balance tortillas under the Market Pantry label at Target that are only 2 points each (5 points for 2).

10 Weight watchers points - 3 turkey breast, 6 tortillas, 1 corn in the salsa

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